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Gretchen Chapman

Institute for Health and the Center for Cognitive Science

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Gretchen Chapman (PhD 1990 U Penn) is a Professor of Psychology in the School of Arts & Sciences, Rutgers University. Her research combines judgment and decision making with health psychology to examine the decision processes underlying preventive health behaviors such as vaccination. She is the recipient of an APA early career award and a fellow of APA and APS. She is the author of more than 75 journal articles, the recipient of 15 years of continuous external funding, and a former Department Chair.  Her project on electricity consumption brings her study of decision making to bear on carbon-producing activities.  "In this study we are observing PSE&G customer volunteers who either have or don't have a device installed in their house that allows them to see their moment-to-moment electricity use.  We will see whether this type of feedback helps people to reduce their electricity use.  We are also examining whether feedback that follows principles of behavioral decision making works better than other types of feedback."


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