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May 23, 2013

Nearly 75 Percent of N.J. Residents Concerned About Climate Change, but Few Want to Pay for Needed Changes. According to a new poll released by the Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy during the recent climate change conference held at Rutgers University, nearly three quarters of New Jerseyans are now concerned about how climate change may affect the state and believe that government should take steps to fortify infrastructure against extreme weather. Despite this, there is very little public support for raising money to pay for such policy initiatives. The survey also showed that Hurricane Sandy was major reason for the high level of public concern. The poll was released at the “Climate Change in New Jersey: Leading Practices and Policy Priorities” conference which was organized by the New Jersey Climate Adaptation Alliance. The conference hosted a variety of speakers, including Rutgers Climatologist and Director of CECI Anthony Broccoli, who described changes to New Jersey’s climate over the past 100 years, including an increase in average temperatures of two degrees Celsius, which has accelerated in recent decades.

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