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  • Kelvin Chen
  • Title: Ph.D. Candidate, Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources
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With support from the Rutgers Climate Institute, Kelvin Chen, Ph.D. candidate in Ecology & Evolution, attended the Gordon Research Conference in Predictive Ecology, located in Easton, MA in June 2023, where he was granted an Early Career AwardKelvin notes, “the outstanding feature of this Gordon Research Conference was its intimate size—around 100 participants, ranging from established PIs to early career researchers such as myself. At this optimal scale of interaction, nobody is “too intimidating” to talk to, and the essential function of networking that is so often a challenge for younger scientists proceeds organically over the course of the conference, as participants sit, eat, and stroll together throughout the week, sharing their passion for ecology. To venture together to the cutting edge of knowledge in the field of climate change science and gaze at the infinite unknown that lies before oneself is the unique privilege of any scientist, but particularly rewarding when endeavored together by others in your field. Participating in this Gordon Conference undeniably extended my perception of what my field is capable of, augmented my collaborative network, and helped refine my own research interests in how biotic communities respond to anthropogenic climate change. I thank the RCI for helping to support my participation in this GRC.”