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  • Mahjabeen (Mim) Rahman
  • Title: Ph.D. Candidate, Environmental Science
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Graduate Student Mahjabeen  Rahman with her poster, Sensitivity of crops to ultraviolet radiation from Stratospheric aerosol injection, at the June 2023 AgMIP Conference at Columbia University. 

I am thrilled to share my enriching experience attending the AgMIP9 conference held at Columbia University from June 26th to 30th, 2023. AgMIP (Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project) is a global initiative that aims to improve the understanding of agricultural systems and their responses to climate change, as well as enhance food security and sustainable development worldwide. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to present my work on "Sensitivity of crops to ultraviolet radiation from Stratospheric aerosol injection" in front of a diverse and knowledgeable audience comprising experts and scientists from around the world. The presentation focused on exploring the effects of ultraviolet radiation on crop growth and production, specifically in the context of potential climate engineering interventions. I shared my findings, methodologies, and conclusions with a knowledgeable audience, including fellow researchers, scientists, and experts in the field. The presentation generated significant interest and sparked insightful discussions, providing valuable feedback that will undoubtedly contribute to the further development of my research.

Throughout the conference, I had the privilege of engaging with renowned professionals, exchanging ideas, and receiving valuable feedback on my research. The insights and perspectives shared by experts in the field have immensely contributed to the advancement of my work. I am grateful for the stimulating discussions and the opportunity to learn from the diverse range of experiences present at the conference.

The conference showcased the latest advancements in agricultural modeling, climate change adaptation, and mitigation strategies. It was inspiring to witness the collective efforts of researchers, policymakers, and industry leaders in finding innovative solutions for the pressing issues faced by our food systems. Attending various dialogues, presentations, and plenary sessions was a highlight of the conference. The variety of dialogues, presentations, and plenary sessions offered at AgMIP9 were truly enlightening. I actively participated in sessions such as "Improving model and integrated assessments," "Utilizing New Tools to Address Food System Challenges," "Improving crop models to capture extreme climate responses," "Synergizing Adaptation and Mitigation Along the Value Chain," "Machine learning for agricultural applications," and "Strengthening Science-Stakeholder-Policy Linkages for Future Systems." Each session provided unique insights and fostered an atmosphere of collaboration and innovation.

The platform AgMIP provided me to meet the experts and scientists around the world and address critical challenges facing global agriculture was truly remarkable. I would also like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Rutgers Climate Institute for their unwavering support in funding my participation in this conference. Their financial assistance played a crucial role in making this incredible opportunity a reality for me. Without their support, attending and presenting at such a prestigious event would not have been possible. Their investment in my professional development and research has been instrumental in my growth as a scientist.

Attending AgMIP9 has not only expanded my professional network but also provided me with a fresh perspective and renewed enthusiasm for my research. I look forward to applying the knowledge gained from this conference to further enhance my work and contribute to the sustainable development of agriculture.