Our Students

  • Mahjabeen Rahman
  • Title: Ph.D. Candidate, Environmental Science
  • Student Image

Mahjabeen Rahman traveled to the American Geophysical Union Conference in December 2022 which included her participation in the Community Earth System Model (CESM) workshop noting, “That was a very helpful start of using CESM2 needed to conduct my research.” She also attended sessions on stratospheric aerosol interventions, marine cloud brightening, water-energy-carbon interactions, urban air quality, and climate change impacts on agriculture which Mahjabeen noted helped her “enhance my knowledge depth on my research topics.” She also explained that, “AGU was a great opportunity for me in a number of ways, such as it provided me access to new data and techniques, gave me the chance to discuss my work with experts in my field and also helped me to find collaborators for my project. I also had a poster presentation on ‘Impacts on Ultraviolet Flux from Stratospheric Aerosol Intervention on Agricultural Production’ at AGU. In that poster session, I could share my work with a wider audience, received feedback from experts in my field, and build connections with other researchers.” 

Mahjabeen also noted that the AGU meeting also gave her the opportunity to attend informal sessions regarding journal article writing which was particularly helpful as she is from Bangladesh, a non-English speaking country in South Asia and “these [sessions] helped me to enhance my journal article writing skills.”