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CAMEL (Climate Adaptation Mitigation E-Learning) Project
CAMEL is a community of climate change educators, researchers and students working to combat the impacts of climate change by providing an online forum for sharing and accessing quality curricular materials.

The Animal Agriculture and Climate Change Project
The Animal Agriculture and Climate Change project is developed to help the farming community adapt to climate change.  This online course reviews current knowledge and practice related to animal care and climate change.

Carbon Stabilization Wedge Game
The Stabilization Wedges Game is a team-based exercise that teaches players about the scale of the greenhouse gas problem, plus technologies that already exist to dramatically reduce our carbon emissions and get us off the path toward dramatic and damaging climate change. The game has been used with players from variety of groups, from university researchers to industry professionals to high school students.

Citizen Science
Scistarter is a respected citizen science clearinghouse for science interested people to get involved in climate and weather data collection: 

Reference about citizen science including evaluation of projects, models for citizen science projects, and a wealth of background information on starting a citizen science project: 

EPA Community Air Monitoring Training
EPA hosted a training workshop to share tools used to conduct citizen science projects involving Next Generation Air Monitoring (NGAM) technology and to educate interested groups and individuals on best practices for successful air monitoring projects.

FrameWorks Institute - Climate Change and the Ocean
The National Network for Ocean and Climate Change Interpretation has an online e-course in how to communicated climate change to visitors to informal science learning institutions. 

FrameWorks Institute - Framing Environmental Health Toolkit
This toolkit, sponsored by the American Public Health Association with support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is designed to help environmental health professionals to frame environmental health and related issues as important policy fields and matters of public concern. The toolkit models how to use the FrameWorks Institute’s evidence-based recommendations for communicating with average Americans about these issues in ways that build public understanding and support.

Frameworks Institute - Framing for Climate Interpreters
The National Network for Ocean and Climate Change Interpretation has an online e-course in how to communicate climate change to visitors to informal science learning institutions.

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