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Benjamin Justice is Professor of Education and (by courtesy) History. He currently serves as President of the History of Education Society and is Director of the Education PhD program at the Rutgers GSE. Dr. Justice studies the historical interaction between states and their constituent peoples through formal and informal mechanisms of civic education. His major bodies of work focus on religious and racial diversity, as well as multiple policy domains, such as education, criminal justice, and armed forces.

Major publications:

2021 Justice, B. (2021). The Art of Coining Christians: Indians and Authority in the Iconography of British Atlantic Colonial Seals, 1606–1767. Journal of British Studies, 1-33.

2021 Benjamin Justice, "Hobbling: The Effects of Proactive Policing and Mass Imprisonment on Children’s Education," Annual Review of Law and Social Science 17:3, 1-21

2021 Benjamin Justice and Tracey Meares. "Does the Law Recognize Legal Socialization?" Journal of Social Issues: Legal Socialization: The Next Fifty Years. vol. 77: 462-483

2021 Benjamin Justice and Tracey Meares, "The Wolf We Feed: Democracy, Caste, and Legitimacy," in Reckoning & Reformation: Reflections and Legal Responses to Racial Subordination and Structural Marginalization. (Multi-journal symposium) Michigan Law Review 119:95-120

2020 Benjamin Justice, "American Public Education: Race, Religion, and Illusion," Theory and Research in Education, 18:2. (2000 words.)

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