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  • Department of Labor Studies and Employment Relations, Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations
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Todd’s research occurs at the intersection of economy and environment. His publications have looked at the political and economic contributors to GHG emissions across countries, the role of political and labor market institutions in helping or hindering societies achieve emissions reductions, and efforts by various social movement organizations to achieve social, economic and environmental justice. In his role as a labor educator with Rutgers LEARN, Todd organizes and convenes stakeholder meetings with diverse civil society groups including labor unions, climate justice organization, and faith-based groups, to seek consensus around various climate protection measures and to help build broad-based support for their implementation.

Journal articles:

Cha, J. Mijin, Dimitris Stevis, Todd E. Vachon, and Vivian Price. 2022.“Green New Deal for All: Toward a Worker and Community-Led Just Transition in the US.” Political Geography95:102594

Hyde, Allen and Todd E. Vachon. 2019. “Running with or against the Treadmill? Unions, Institutional Contexts, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in a Comparative Perspective.” Environmental Sociology 5:269-282


Vachon, Todd E. (forthcoming). Clean Air and Good Jobs: US Labor and the Struggle for Climate Justice. Temple University Press.

Shulze-Cleven, Tobias, and Todd E. Vachon (Eds). 2021. Revaluing Work(ers): Toward a Democratic and Sustainable Future. New York: Cornell University Press.

Book Chapters:

Vachon, Todd E. (forthcoming). “Fancy Funeral or Radical Rebirth? Just Transition and the Future of Work(ers) in the U.S.” In The Green New Deal and the Future of Work in America by Craig Calhoun and Ben Fong (Editors).

Vachon, Todd E. 2022.“Skin in the Game: The Struggle over Climate Protection within the U.S. Labor Movement.” In Handbook of Anti-Environmentalism by David Tindall, Mark C.J. Stoddart, and Riley E. Dunlap (Editors). Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar.

Vachon, Todd E. 2021. “Foreword.” In Common Preservation in a Time of Mutual Destruction, by Jeremy Brecher. Oakland, CA: PM Press.

Vachon, Todd E. 2021. “Just Transition Frames in the Context of the American Labor Movement.” In Handbook of Environmental-Labour Studies by Nora Räthzel, Dimitris Stevis, and David Uzzell (Editors). New York: Palgrave Macmillan Publishing.

Cha, J. Mijin, and Todd E. Vachon. 2021 “Climate Change and the Future of Workers: Toward a Just Transition.” Pp. 101-118 in Revaluing Work(ers): Toward a Democratic and Sustainable Future by Tobias Shulze-Clevenand Todd E. Vachon (Eds). New York: Cornell University Press.

Vachon, Todd E. and Sean Sweeney. 2018. “Energy Democracy: A Just Transition for Social, Economic, and Climate Justice.” Pp. 63-72 in Agenda for Social Justice: Global Solutions by Glen Muschert et al. (Eds). Bristol, UK: Policy Press.

Applied Research Reports:

Vachon, Todd E., Mijin Cha, Dimitris Stevis, and Vivian Price. 2021. “Workers and Communities in Transition: Report of the Just Transition Listening Project.” Prepared for the Labor Network for Sustainability and Congressional Briefing.

McCoy, Brandon, Janice R. Fine, and Todd E. Vachon. 2020. “Undocumented Workers in Service Sector Most Likely to be Harmed by COVID-19.” Prepared in partnership with with Rutgers Center for Innovation in Worker Organization and NJ Policy Perspective. 

Vachon Todd E. 2019. “The Green Transition: Renewable Energy Technology, Climate Change Mitigation, and the Future of Work in New Jersey.” Prepared for the New Jersey Governor’s Task Force on the Future of Work. 

Vachon, Todd E. 2019. “The Prevailing Wage in New Jersey: An Assessment.” Prepared for the International Union of Operating Engineers.

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