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Climate Change Course - Online

The University of California offers this free online course for the general public, examining the factors responsible for climate change, the biological and sociological consequences of such changes, and the possible engineering, economic, and legal solutions to avoid more extreme perturbations.  The course includes weekly themes, daily mini-lectures, data visualizations, quizzes, exams, weekly assignments, a textbook, and readings.

Climate Commons

Climate Commons is an interactive map which combines NOAA data with climate impact reports.  The map combines recent data on climate change indicators and emissions with geo-tagged stories on climate change.

C-ROADS (Climate Rapid Overview and Decision Support) Interactive tools to understand climate policy scenarios

C-ROADS is an award-winning computer simulation that helps people understand the long-term climate impacts of policy scenarios to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It allows for the rapid summation of national greenhouse gas reduction pledges in order to show the long-term impact on our climate.

Interfacing water, climate and society: A resource list>

A list of programs offering interdisciplinary research and education that bridges social and natural sciences.  


This is a free collection of hundreds of training resources/courses intended for the geoscience community including resources for meteorologists, other geoscientists, as well as students. It is hosted by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR).

Weather and Climate Activities to Explore the Atmosphere

Using Supporting data provided by NOAA and NASA, the University of Wisconsin-Madison offers a variety of interactive activities designed to teach the science behind weather and climate.

NOAA's page on climate literacy

In response to public demand, the CommEd team provides climate data and information to help build a climate-smart, resilient nation. This climate literacy brochure reflects a broad and current effort to define climate literacy and the essential principles of climate science.

NASA Innovations in Climate Education (NICE)

NASA Innovations in Climate Education (NICE) is a competitive project that promotes climate and Earth system science literacy and seeks to increase the access of underrepresented minority groups to science careers and educational opportunities.

Arctic Matters Booklet

Arctic Matters: The Global Connection to Changes in the Arctic is an educational resource that introduces the threats and opportunities of the Arctic's rapidly changing environment. The booklet draws on a large collection of peer-reviewed National Research Council reports and other national and international reports to provide a brief, reader-friendly primer on the complex ways in which the changes currently affecting the Arctic and its diverse people, resources, and environment can, in turn, affect the entire globe.

Climate Change: Fitting the Pieces Together

This module discusses climate change, particularly as it is currently being affected by increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases emitted by human activities. It also covers signs of climate change, how scientists study climate, the current thinking on future changes, and what can be done to minimize the effects. Updated in 2012.